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My name is Javier Pintor and I am a 3D Environment Artist and a Thrash Metal lover. If you like what you see or have any question, don't hesitate to contact me on my email,
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Scene "Custom model" created for a competition
Wireframe shaded view
Personal tribute to the 80's anime film "Akira"
Second version of the scene


Rock arch sculpting study
Rock sculpting study ex1
Rock sculpting study ex2
Rock sculpting study ex3
Frame of a forest fly over sequence
Raw render
Tree instances
Basic mountains
Cryengine 3 Ash tree test
Bark sculpting
Hi-poly four seasons "Paper Birch" adult 19 meters
Cryengine 3 short grass
Second example
Third example
Fourth example
Random high poly ground cover and grass, 3ds Max viewport
High poly "Canada wild rye" 3ds Max viewport
High poly "Snowdrop" 3ds Max viewport
High poly "Dandelion" 3ds Max viewport
High poly "St. Bruno’s lily" 3ds Max viewport


Lo-poly army radio, rendered in Marmoset
Hi-poly ZBrush hard surface study
Hard surface texture painting practice
Rust and damage sculpting
Sci-fi door based on artwork by "Paul Richards"
Simple hi-poly gas pump


Tiled bricks hi-poly
Tiled stone hi-poly
Tiled slabs hi-poly
Bricks, rendered in CE3
Stones, rendered in CE3
Slabs, rendered in CE3
Sand, rendered in CE3
Icy snow, rendered in CE3


Lo-poly tulip chair, rendered with Xoliul shader
WIP of "Bridge House" by "Joeb Moore + Partners" architects, rendered in CE3
CG interpretation of the "Ray" sofa designed by "Antonio Citterio" for "B&B Italia"
Studio render of the "LCW" and "DCM" chair models by "Charles and Ray Eames"
3D render showcasing two light fixtures by "Mizar"
Maquette style render of "North GA House" by "D.O.C. Unlimited" architects
Very first architectural interior after finished 3d school, "House N" by "3LHD" architects


Isle of Skye, Scotland

Ben Nevis, Scotland

Tarifa, Spain

Mijas Costa, Spain

Fort William, Scotland

Loch Ness, Scotland

Wroclaw, Poland